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March/April 2014
Vol 16, No. 2
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Objective Assessment of Perceived Age Reversal and Improvement in Attractiveness After Aging Face Surgery. Zimm et al.

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NBC News
CBS News
FOX News
The New York Times
ABC News

Complications Associated With Alloplastic Implants in Rhinoplasty. Winkler et al.

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Bloomberg Businessweek
Crain’s New York Business
New York Daily News

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Lasers and Malpractice

Svider et al conduct a focused examination of malpractice litigation regarding laser procedures in the head and neck and determine reasons for initiating litigation as well as outcomes and awards.

Lower Lateral Cartilage Repositioning

Bared and colleagues analyze nasal tip volumes of patients with bulbous tips and measure postoperative nasal tip volume changes in patients who have undergone lower lateral cartilage repositioning.

Subcutaneous vs Intramuscular Botulinum Toxin

This cohort study of 19 patients reports no within-patient difference in eyebrow height measurements or in patient discomfort with intramuscular vs. subcutaneous botulinum toxin injection.

Blink-Detecting Glasses for Facial Pacing

Frigerio and colleagues test a blink detection system that can be attached to standard eyeglasses and used as part of a closed-loop facial pacing system.

Biomechanical Properties of SMAS Tissue With And Without Mesh Reinforcement

This cadaver study assesses the biomechanical properties of superficial musculoaponeurotic system tissue with and without reinforcement with poly-4-hydroxybutyric acid absorbable mesh.

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Interview with Fred G. Fedok, MD, author of Corrective Nasal Surgery in the Younger Patient


Corrective Nasal Surgery in the Younger Patient

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Infrared Voltage Output During Forward Gaze and Gaze Movements (01:35)

An unbroken light path between the infrared (IR) emitter and detector causes a relatively high voltage output from the blink detection circuit.

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Journal Club

Objective Outcomes Analysis Following Microvascular Gracilis Transfer for Facial Reanimation: A Review of 10 Years’ Experience

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A Systematic Review of Patient-Reported Nasal Obstruction Scores: Defining Normative and Symptomatic Ranges in Surgical Patients

Read the article and view the Journal Club slides summarizing the article and highlighting key learning points.


Woman With a Hat by Henri Matisse: Beauty and the Wild Beasts

New–Levels of Evidence

Evidence-based medicine and level of evidence primer. See For Authors.

New–JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery Reviewer Primer

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Introducing JAMA Network Author Video Interviews

Author Tessa A. Hadlock, MD, discusses Optimizing Total Facial Nerve Patient Management for Effective Clinical Outcomes Research.

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